Low Level Druid Gear – Strength Vs Agility For Feral Builds

When you start down the path of building out your Feral Druid the question of strength or agility comes up pretty fast. This simple question has sparked huge threads all over the web, hurt feelings, some crying and all in all a ton of discussion. As a relatively young Druid reading some of these threads and forum boards seem to require a Masters Degree in Advanced Mathematics. On top of that very often these are talking about very high level raiding and end game Druid builds which can be confusing as well. Here is a very simple break down of the two stats and how they compare. Consider this like a 101 course. You have more to learn but this will at least get you going.  

Attempting to make decisions on stats can be maddening. As soon as you think you’ve got an answer you’ll find someone else saying something totally different. The first step is to simply try and get a feel for the numbers. Remember that you can always get different gear and you can always rebuild your talent trees. Experiment and see what works best for you and your playing style. Let’s take a look at the very basic definitions of these stats and how they affect your Druid.  

Strength: The Strength attribute increases your Druids attack power on a scale of 1 strength equal to 2 attack power. For every 14 points of attack power you have your damage per second (DPS) for melee attacks increases by 1. For example if you have an attack power of 140 you’ll have an increase in DPS of 10. It might be easier to think of 1 point of strength being equal to .14 DPS.  

Agility: This stat does a great deal for us. First of all when a Druid is in Cat form he gains 1 attack power for each point of Agility. Secondly 1 point of Agility increases your armor by 2 points. This attribute also jacks the critical hit chance with weapons and increases the chance of Dodge. Again, in a different expression, 1 point of agility is equal to .07 DPS.  

So what should you gear your Feral Druid with? Looking just at attack power it would seem that loading up on strength is the way to go. The more attack power the more damage you’ll do, right? Well that is true however what do you give up by ignoring agility? You will miss out on the dodge for one. (Your dodge chance is just what it sounds like; it gives you the possibility of dodging a melee attack.)  

The basic deal is that at lower levels the best investment you can make as a Feral Druid is in the Strength stat. The harder you hit at low levels, basically, the better off you are. This does not mean to completely ignore agility however. When the decision comes up for gear with strength or agility lean towards the strength boost. At some point, at much higher levels, the favor tips towards agility but don’t get too concerned about that just yet.  

Is there more to discuss on this topic? Absolutely. This does not even scratch the surface of the issue but it should get you going in the right direction as a low level Feral Druid.